The Humanitarian Group General Appeal

We could not do what we do without the support of the charitable donations made to us by our supporters. Your donations go towards providing vital services to vulnerable people and go a long way to make sure everyone is treated with equality and dignity.

Donations to The Humanitarian Group's General Appeal can be made online.


A Fair Go for Asylum Seekers Appeal

This is the ongoing special appeal we're running with partner organisations to address a shortage in funding for legal assistance for people who arrived by boat.

There are approximately 1,500 people seeking asylum who arrived by boat between August 2012 and December 2013 and currently live in Western Australia. These people are subject to a new fast track assessment process to determine their eligibility to seek protection in Australia by way of a temporary visa.

Only very limited, affordable legal assistance is available to this vulnerable group of people. Without adequate legal assistance, the integrity of the visa process can be compromised and people who are in need of protection can be wrongfully returned to the persecution and harm from which they originally fled.

In response to this unmet need, The Humanitarian Group established the Temporary Protection Visa Project (TPV Project) to provide free specialised legal assistance to this highly vulnerable group of people.

The Australian Government has recently announced it could cut all support for people who arrived by boat and who do not apply for protection within as little as 60 days, even though they are on our waiting list.  This means no income support and, once their bridging visa expires, no work rights, while people in our community wait for the legal assistance they so desperately need.

A number of concerned organisations and individuals have come together to established the A Fair Go for Asylum Seekers Appeal, which raises funds to provide this essential legal service and guide applicants through the complex legal process. 

Donations to this Appeal can also be made online.


Good2Give Initiative

We are a registered charity recipient with Good2Give, a workplace giving program, through which employees can make small, regular donations to charity through their pre-tax pay via their employer’s payroll system.

You can find out more about using Good2Give here.