TPV Project

There are approximately 2,000 asylum seekers currently living in Western Australia who arrived by boat between August 2012 and December 2013. These asylum seekers are subject to a new fast track assessment process to determine their eligibility to seek protection in Australia by way of a temporary visa.

Only very limited, affordable legal assistance is available to this group of asylum seekers. They are often forced to go through the complex legal process for apply for protection unrepresented. This can compromise the integrity of the process and mean that people who are in need of protection are not recognised as such and are wrongfully returned to the persecution and harm from which they originally fled.

In response to this unmet need, The Humanitarian Group established the Temporary Protection Visa Project (TPV Project) to provide free specialised legal assistance to this highly vulnerable group of people.

To cover the ongoing costs of running the TPV Project on a full time basis, A Fair Go for Asylum Seekers Appeal was created in collaboration with a number of concerned organisations in Western Australia.


Do you have a TPV / SHEV query?

Our fact sheets for people who arrived by boat are available here.

We also provide advice at our TPV / SHEV Drop In Day. Information about the TPV / SHEV Drop In Day is available here.

Detention Advice Line

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